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DreamAcres English Mastiffs based in Sturgis, KY is a Top 2017 Mastiff Breeder!

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them. Filling an emptiness we didn't even know we had.  {Thom Jones} 
                       "Gage"                                                   "Ham"                                                     Mr. "B"
 Being hugged by his new best friend              "Giving lots of kisses"
              I love my Lily Bug......                                Kolby                                      Give me some sugar !            
                    " BOSCO"                                 I am the princess...                                 All dressed up!    
                 "Peek- a- boo"                                                   Chloe                                             Lovin' the icing
                Dylan riding with his favorite puppies                               Look no tan lines.......
          Love that face......                                     "Sisters forever"                                               
                "What a life"                                       Oh! What a night....               " B.B.G." "Babies Bodyguard"
           Tickle me Elmo!                                        " Just a chillin"                                     "Ham bone"
 Playing hairdresser. "Cute pony tail Titan"              Titan's doggie fedish
       Nuttin' better than summer fun.....                                                     "Best Buds"
      Rub-,A- Dub "Is that Molly in the tub"                           Loving on my baby!
     Come on "Harley" Lets ride....                                             "Double the fun....."
  Watching Barney with my baby brother...


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