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                                                   DreamAcres Kentucky's Finest Gemstone
                                                               May 2007 - February 2013

Mike and I  decided that we wanted to add another mastiff to our life. So, we had decided that when we bred Haylee and Harley we were going to keep a puppy. When Haylee had delivered her first litter I found the perfect little girl that I fell in love with. Mike kept telling me wait till the puppies get older and we will decide. Jules always was wrapped in Haylee's arm, I knew she was her favorite so I knew this was my girl. 
Jules has blessed us with our first grandpuppies Sydney and Mo. Which I had to keep, just because they were the first grandpuppies that we had here at DreamAcres. Jules personality was just like her daddy Harley and this is what I loved about he so much. Jules has blessed our lives so much.
I always used to laugh at Jules, I know that she knew everything I said, especially my feelings. When Mike would be at home when I was out of town working Jules would be there right in his arms and in our bed. I would call Mike to tell him good night and I swear Jules would hang up the phone just so she could be with her daddy. Jules loved Mike so much, when we lost him she mourned so much. She gave me so much comfort when Mike passed away in 2012. I will never forget this precious angel that Haylee & Harley bought to me. I loved this girl more than anyone could ever love a human. I miss her so much! She is with her daddy in heaven blessing him everyday.


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